The kitchen is the heart of your food business and it has to be fully functional. If there is a significant drop in turnover, diners or good reviews then this aspect of your business needs immediate attention.

Please explore this site and assure yourself that you are contacting the best professional to assist you in that endeavour.

Restaurant & Menus

A very important aspect of your business, is the perception of your clientele. Sometime it's beneficial to have an expert examine it. The menu is the reason they come and come back. But is it all it could be?

Willie can identify both areas that you might wish to consider changing and can work with you to achieve results.

Demo's & Courses.

Willie has a very powerful and extended skill set. He's culinary qualified, compentent and fully experienced in all areas. With 10 years behind him as a college lecturer he's an ideal culinary demonstrator. A seasoned professional but also a strong people person, Willie gets his message across from kitchen staff to the Chief Executive.



This has been a lifetime relationship. Willie enjoys working with every aspect of this food product. A big part of that has been competitions, either personally or as a team coach or mentor. To-day Willie still lectures on the wonderful creations that can be modelled at some of his Sugar Craft Courses.
After a career involved with chocolate Willie still enjoys creating new innovative table pieces and of course teaching these techniques is a delight.

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