Professional Restaurant, Menu & Kitchen Solution

An honest evaluation of your restaurant, menus and kitchen operation. If your having problems, low client numbers, low profits, high costs, or maybe you have high client numbers buts still have a low profit on return you need to have a serious look at you operation.
Kitchen design and set up -
Menu design to suit the needs of your business
Staffing and Recruitment
Suppliers and best price
Fiscal management
Chef motivation training and development
Hands on working with the Team
Innovative Marketing

Why have Willie evaluate your business?
Said by many to be an inspiration to all chefs, Willie set out to become the complete professional chef and though dedication, hard work and determination gained a wealth of experience not only in technical cooking skills but every aspect of this industry. He is fully aware of the demands of the hospitality industry – from hotels, banqueting, fine dining and outside catering, to pubs, brassieres, restaurants, contract catering, travel, in-flight provision, equipment and associated costs, procurement and provisioning. He is a respected master craftsman and all-rounder, with specialist skills in pulled and blown sugar, patisserie and chocolate work.