Motivational Speaking with Food

There is no "I" in "Team" and a motivated team is a successful team.
Sometime that's all that's required to pull everything together. Motivation is defined as a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way. That usually necessitates change and change is simply a transition from one situation to another. To look at it another way, there are no problems, only situations. Willie's real ingenuity is in the precise delivery of that transitional phase to your staff in a clearly definable way, in small simple steps. Working with them, often in a humorous way and he quickly integrates becoming a part of that team. He has teams all over the country, ask him about them.

Allow Willie to motivate, inspire and excite your teams, encouraging personal development, evaluation and analysis, to develop problem solving awarenes and effectivly improve efficiencies in their work environment. Willie as a culinary expert is a seasoned demonstrator powerful presenter. Share in his wit and anecdotes, enjoy his experiences and achievements, while he drives home the message, demonstrating various advanced culinary techniques with a little audience participation and tastings.
In a world where cutting edge and innovation are key to his business successes, Willie deliver's and he can reveal to your teams his own rules that ensure success in every dish.
Does it exceed my customer’s expectations?
Is it perceived as good value for money for my customer?
Is the product/service fiscally viable?
How can I create maximum impact with minimum workload?

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