Restaurant & Menus

Evaluation of your restaurant & Menu
Simple considerations

There are many types of restaurants, large, small, fine dining, casual, specialist, hotel dining and so on. Each kind offers a different type of service or cuisine, and may attract different clientele based on those criteria. Whatever the restaurant, however, there are some common but important considerations to look for in a good restaurant.
First impressions. This starts on making the booking to first contact, quick response, courteous, professional, welcoming, accommodating?
Cleanliness. has to be an absolute given, from tables and chairs and cutlery, to toilets, floors and staff attire and presentation,
Atmosphere. Smell? comfort level, music type & volume
D├ęcor. Fresh, dust free, polished etc.
Lighting. To dark, to light or bright.
Temperature. To warm, to cold.
Service. Attentive, efficient, knowledgeable and pleasant.
Time. Fast or slow or too slow, complaints. Order. Is it correct every time?
Food. Look and smell appetising? fresh? hot? presentation? flavours and taste? balance? undercooked or overcooked, under-seasoned, under-salted or over-salted, too sweet, too sour, too spicy or too fresh? quantity? cost?
Complaints - apologise for any mistakes or shortcomings policy.

Sometimes that's a key area needing addressed.
Too old, too bold, too much, too little to dull, to dear, too complicated...
Does the food match the description, the expectation.
Can the kitchen cope with the menu demands?

If you've reviewed the above and that doesn't solve any problems you're having give me a call.